One of Hawaii’s Top Contractors

Nan Chul Shin – One of Hawaii’s Top Contractors

One of Hawaii’s largest locally owned and operated general contractor is none other than Nan Inc. They have been providing construction services in Honolulu, Hawaii and nearby areas for the last thirty years. The company has developed a reputation for delivering professional construction services and possesses the resources, expertise and capacity for handling different types of construction projects and delivering the work on time. It may have started off with a single office in Hawaii, but today, they also have offices in Guam, Maui and Oahu. It has also received numerous accolades for completing some of the biggest projects in Hawaii.

The important thing to know is that none of this would have been possible without the commitment and unrelenting efforts of Nan Chul Shin. Who is he? He is the founder and owner of Nan Inc., who has dedicated himself to making a contribution to Hawaii’s future and his company a success. He has managed to accomplish both these goals, but not without struggle. Most people may not immediately recognize his name because he is now known as Patrick Shin. He changed his name when he immigrated to the United States from South Korea, fulfilling a lifelong dream.

He was working with his brother in his fishing business in New York when he got a football scholarship that landed him in Bowling Green State University. After doing his majors in business administration, Patrick Shin worked for a construction company in Hawaii for two years. When he left, it was with the aim of setting up his own firm and this is exactly what he did. That’s how Nan Inc. came to be in 1990, but this was only the beginning. Nan Chul Shin only had one employee by his side when he first started and they received very small jobs initially.

However, the next three decades made all the difference and today, there are more than 500 people working for Nan Inc. As for Patrick Shin, he has become one of the top contractors in Hawaii and it is all because he refused to give up. He was persistent and did not make any compromises in quality in doing any project, whether big or small. He took on small projects like putting in a road sign, and multibillion dollar projects like building hotels and did both with equal amounts of professionalism, earning him the success and recognition he enjoys today.

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