Blossom bathroom vanities

Finding Quality Vanities in Popular Styles

It is usual to have some questions about bathroom vanities when you are having a remodelling or renovation done. The correct Blossom bathroom vanity will make a big improvement to the room and how you move around it. It can also have a big effect on how practical the room is. So that you can make an informed choice here we look at the different more popular vanity styles as well as what makes the best vanity in terms of things like durability, functionality, design and such.

More popular vanity styles

  1. Industrial – This type of vanity is drawn from things like warehouses, factories and other industrial spaces. It can include things like exposed pipes, fixtures that are more utilitarian, reclaimed wood and metal accents. It has a more urban but rugged feel.  
  2. Contemporary – Also called modern, this tends to focus on more minimalist and modern designs that have clean lines. It will use high gloss finishing, metal and glass and use interesting options like floating vanities.   
  3. Scandinavian – This is a style that focuses on being functional, simple and neutral. It includes having minimalist designs, clean lines and uses lighter wood.     
  4. Mid-century – The mid-20th century is the inspiration for this design trend. When looking at Blossom bathroom vanities in this style you can expect laminate and wood, organic shapes, retro inspiration in the hardware and tapered legs.   
  5. Transitional – If you want something that is a mix of modern and traditional then this is the look for you. It is a great balance between modern simplicity and more classical features.   
  6. Farmhouse – Also called rustic, this style is drawn from natural materials and rural influences. It includes farmhouse sinks, antique fixtures, and wood finishes that have been distressed.     

What makes the best vanity?

Deciding what makes the best Blossom bathroom vanity for you is a personal thing but there are some things to look for including quality, durability, size, style, shape, storage, functionality, countertop material, sink and of course your budget.

  1. Quality – A vanity made from better-quality materials is the best investment for your money. Consider a sturdy engineered wood or solid wood for example.     
  2. Budget – Make sure you have a budget in mind so you stay within it as you shop.         
  3. Durability – As well as the quality of the material you want to look at the construction in terms of durability, how well it is finished and the hardware.      
  4. Size and shape – The best vanity for you needs to be the right size for your bathroom and the right shape so it fits.      
  5. Storage and functionality – Some people are all about getting as much storage from their Blossom bathroom vanities as possible, and some need less. Consider the countertop space, drawers, cupboards and shelving.      
  6. Style – Make sure you choose one that works with your bathroom design whether you like rustic, modern, industrial and so on.       
  7. Countertop material – The countertop material is another factor. A lot of people like stone, like granite or marble, but whichever you choose it needs to work functionally as well as aesthetically.    
  8. Sink – There are different types of sinks, integrated, under mount, vessel and different styles. You can also consider whether you want more than one sink. 

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