You always want to design a kitchen so it looks great and can be cleaned in minutes. That’s why ceramic tiles are incredibly popular now – they fit perfectly into any kitchen interior, be it a 100-meter long dining room or a small dining room for a small family. Also, its installation does not require any special skills: almost immediately after leveling the walls, you can start gluing the tiles.

What tiles are the best for kitchen decoration?

There are many types of ceramic tiles today; they can be of any color and shape; perhaps that’s why it’s so difficult to choose the one that is ideal for each specific case. In general, it is not so difficult to understand what exactly to buy to decorate a kitchen. The ideal choice would be tiles that harmoniously combine colored floors and walls. Naturally, the kitchen set must also be in harmony with the created style. Then again, if you buy a floor tile, you should take one that has a textured surface; then, the spilled water in the kitchen will not cause injury. It is also worth clarifying when buying what means can be used to wash even the most difficult stains: it happens that cheap tiles are made of such ceramics, which simply will not survive cleaning the same “Mister Muscle” and will crack in a month.

Sticking, cleaning, and other “chemical” problems

Since the conversation has come to cleaning, you should pay attention to the following rules for working with tiles: the sponge used for cleaning should be changed once a month. Wet cleaning is desirable once every two to three weeks and dry – weekly. All this will allow both to preserve the tile for many years and to protect it from bacteria. You should not wait for a certain call from the kitchen, stimulating to clean the room. Constant control of cleanliness is important both for the owner and for the longevity of the boards used. But even before cleaning and cleaning, you need to pay attention to a completely different point.

When gluing tiles, only products without toluene should be selected. Why should this particular drug be absent? Because, for example, it is strictly forbidden for pregnant women to inhale its vapor, and individuals with respiratory issues ought to likewise avoid it. Of course, a healthy person will not even feel the elements of toluene in the air, but as you know, preventing a problem is much easier than fixing it. Therefore, it turns out that the kitchen design cannot be limited to a single selection of furniture in the appropriate color scheme – this is serious work that requires care and discretion. It happens that a cheap purchase is too expensive because, in the best case, it costs the same due to the additional costs. In the worst case, excessive savings can simply lead to a loss of health.

Abnormal Data For A Small Kitchen Design

Proceeding with the subject of surprising clay tiles for the advancement of an exemplary kitchen inside plan, wood-style kitchen tiles merit referencing. Glazed vitrified tiles can impeccably supplant parquet or wooden floors, they are ideal for finishing the dividers of a little room. Huge, light tiles will offer space to little spaces, making them comfortable and agreeable.

When building up an inside plan that will utilize wooden surfaces – furniture, divider boards, consider utilizing wood-like tiles. These earthenware tiles are practically support free, sterile, tough and work out positively for wood completing materials. For instance, you can beautify a divider cover with it, which, along with the cleaned surfaces of the earphones and enlivening glass mosaics for finishing the dividers, will look all in all.

In contrast to characteristic wood, tiles are not scared of fire, warmth, water, or different kitchen synthetic compounds. The tiles utilized in the plan of the kitchen or family room space with the surface of regular wood look strong and decent.

Tiles that copy respectable metals (silver, gold, platinum) look considerably more strong. For a kitchen or front room, a plan that includes the utilization of “gold” tiles will be a mutually beneficial alternative. All things considered, quite an exquisite improvement, brightened with gold accents, or a board of mosaics of rich tones, will give the inside plan of your kitchen or washroom a climate of abundance and marvelousness.

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