Five Red Flags That It’s Time To Call A Commercial Electrician!

Five Red Flags That It’s Time To Call A Commercial Electrician!

It’s a major responsibility to own a luxury home, and sometimes luxury homes have incredibly complex electrical systems. These types of systems can often be so complex to the point that a commercial electrician is actually a better option than a residential specialist!

Many luxury homeowners mistakenly think that they’ll only need an electrician during remodeling and building projects, but the truth is that electricians are required for all sorts of repairs, maintenance and emergency situations.

So here are five red flags indicating that it’s time to call a commercial electrician to come check out your luxury home’s electrical system!

Strange Sounds

A very common red flag warning sign oriented around luxury residential systems is when the electrical components are making strange noises and sounds. This is particularly alarming when the strange noises are coming from light switches, electrical sockets, or from lights throughout your property.

The most likely noises you’ll hear will be clicks and hisses coming from your system, but these noises are always serious indications that you’re going to need professional help. It could be that you’re experiencing worn out, damaged or faulty wiring, and a commercial electrician will be able to locate and repair this type of damaged wiring.

Unusual Odors

Another red flag oriented around your electrical system is when you’re noticing strange smells emanating from the system. These types of odors could come from lights, switches, outlets, or around your electrical equipment like machinery and computers.

The vast majority of these unusual electrical odors will likely resemble smoke, and it’s important to remember that electrical fires do happen even in the most luxurious of homes. So, when you’re noticing strange smells within your electrical system, it’s time to call in commercial electricians for professional assistance.

Blown Fuses Or Breakers

If your luxury home’s fuses or breakers aren’t quite capable of handling your property’s overall electrical load, then you could experience frequently blows. This is a red flag that needs to be addressed by an experienced residential or commercial electrician, and it just so happens to be a common problem within luxury properties.

The odds are that you’re experiencing an overloaded problem, or potentially a wiring issue. Both of these causes are very serious, because they can lead to significant complications within your electrical system and can detrimentally impact the overall operations of your entire property!

Flickering Lights

Flickering lights are sometimes merely an indication that you need to change a light bulb, but there are also many scenarios in which flickering lights are a warning sign associated with your home’s faulty wiring. Faulty wiring of course can put your entire property at risk of an electrical fire, so this type of issue simply cannot be neglected.

When flickering lights continue to occur after changing your light bulb, it’s time to call in electrical technicians to provide you with a comprehensive property evaluation.

Electric Shocks

If you touch an electrical switch or appliance and experience a shock, it means there’s a very serious issue within your home’s system that needs to be examined as soon as possible.

This could mean that you’re experiencing a ground problem or wiring issues, but no matter what the cause of the shock is, you simply can’t risk the health and safety of your household!

Contact The Commercial Electrician Experts At Yoder Electric To Learn More!

There are a lot of red flags that luxury homeowners need to be on the lookout for when it comes to their rather complex electrical systems, and electricity can’t be ignored or neglected when issues arise. The stakes are simply too high, and you’re going to need reputable commercial electricians when your home has a very complex system.

Contact the commercial electricians at Yoder Electric to learn more about how they support luxury homes with electrical issues!

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